Sedam Roses Podcast 052017


Sedam Roses Podcast 052017


KlangfabriK can be summarised by these words... "Searched and Found".

Andre Schmied & Michele Guerrisi have known each other since 2001 and 10 years on in 2011, on the 11th day of the 11th month, they decided to form KlangfabriK! Both born in Switzerland, Andre in 1983 and Michele in 1982, they both have music running through their veins and music has always been part of their lives with both of them falling in love with the electronic sounds of house and techno.

Fast forward to years 1998 – 2001, this is where Michele Guerrisi, known as Level 8 back then, was discovered by Rolf Arnet the CEO of Hannibal Events. This led to him making his first Sonic Series compilation in 2001. At this time Michele's role models included Jeff Mills, Gangsta or Eric Borgo and to this date still are, later in his career Chris Liebing, Styro 2000 became major influences too. This is where he acquired a taste for using not only two or three vinyl records but using four to create a special techno sound.

Both knew and respected each other, but musically they hadn't connected yet. In Short, they were looking for each other. The years passed with both traveling on different paths, and by chance, fate and a higher power they met each other again at the beginning of 2011. After an open-air party two weeks later with a 6 hour back 2 back set together it was clear that KlangfabriK was born!

It wasn't long before family, friends and people around them noticed that Andre and Michele were both on the same musical wavelength. Their raw passion and ambition hit new levels when together. With 10 years of musical experience coming from each other from their different backgrounds, this level is constantly being pushed to its limits.

The three years have seen them become residents of the Sonic Series and TeKKnoTown plus appearances at Ruby Skye San Francisco, Cardiff Lounge Campbell USA, Street Parade Zurich, Borderline Club Basel, Tunnel Club Lucerne, Radio X, Channel K and many others.

A place that is in the hearts of KlangFabriK is Zurich nightclub, Rohstofflager. This is where Andre was introduced to the 'clubbing scene. It was the perfect place to be for him and nearly every weekend was spent there. Around the same time Michele was experiencing the magic of Rohstofflager too (at this time around late 2000). This is where both Andre and Michele always saw or met each other there, talked some musical nonsense or just went on and danced all night.

Every free hour they get goes into KlangfabriK, whether it be long studio sessions perfecting the KlangfabriK sound, producing or recording live sessions and with influences such as Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Carl Cox, Reboot, Dixon, Seth Troxler, Danny Seranno, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Marcel Dettmann, Andrea Oliva and many more you will always see KlangfabriK pushing their own boundaries.

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